Develop your business strategy to include Secure Digitalization!

"There aren't that many companies, which doesn't have a strategy. There really arn't any companies, which wouldn't have digital tools, work outside the internet or without technical interfaces. Ever more corporate strategies are talking about digitalization, but too few of them is interested in the security of its implementation."


Digipooli conducted a survey on the current state of cybersecurity of Finnish companies during 2020. Thia survey pointed out the strengths and weak points of domestic companies. Information was gathered from 12 sectors and pointed out commonly challenging topics. By combining the gathered information it was deducted that on a national level we have some development to do to get the maturity up on certain topics. The full report and findings can be found here.

Based on the survey results a significant finding was that most of the domestic companies are facing the same challenge. The challenge is that the strategy processes are not producing strategies that would take into account the security of digitalization whenever grasping its possibilities. In other words the security of digitalization is absent from strategies or too vaguely handled.

Due to the fact that the survey finding was on a high level we needed to dig deeper to find out what was challenging in the strategy work. Therefore we implemented a project "#Strategy22" during the spring of 2022.  The goal of the project was to produce practical tips for Corporate directors and business managers for implementing strategies that would incorporate the topics.

Your can read more about the project and its background here. (Sorry - only in Finnish)


Secure Digitalization toolkit for leaders:  

Digipool is proud to present the products, which are now available for any company to utilize whenever renewing the Strategy or starting the Stratery process. Get to know the attached materials and take them into use!

SecureDigitalizationToolkit on one page
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Get to know the tools:

  • Toolkit for leaders on the subject of secure digitalization. It is a tool for Strategy work, which will help any board to create a strategy that take into account the security of any digitalization effort. i.e. it helps create cyber resilient strategy, which will ensure business continuity and preparedness.
  • Business Model Canvas (BMC) - a onepage tool for creating a canvas that will guide the company with its principles. This BMC concentrates on the security of Digitalization (and cybersecurity) in companies.


Business Model Canvas


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