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TIETO24 - Exercise has begun

TIETO24 exercise begun in March 2024 and the first phase of the exercise covered cooperation between officials as well as with business life for any widely effecting incidents. The homework donw by the participants and the contents of the first phase event aime to develop continuation planning of participating organizationa on the topics of cooperation with officials and other companies.

Elinkeinoministeri Rydman TIETO24 avauspuheenvuoro
Minister of Economic Affairs and Employment Rydman opening the TIETO24 Exercise.

Phase 1 event was organized as a hybrid event - Online and physically in Epicenter Helsinki. The event gathered over 300 participants online and nearly 150 persons on the premises. 

The Agenda of the event can be found below and it is possible to review the recordings (with english subtitles) of the presentations via the links. The recordings were published only from the public topics of the event. Based on the feedback of the event we managed to capture the meeaning of cooperaton, importance of exercises and honest discussion about the shortcomings or successes of the cooperation between officials. 

Harjoittelun kansallisesta merkityksestä keskustelleet
Discussion about the national significance of exercising

Event Agenda:

  • 12:00 Opening words Digipool chairman Tuomo Haukkovaara (IBM) and pool secretary Antti Nyqvist
  • 12:05 TIETO24-Exercise opening, Minister MEAE Wille Rydman
  • 12:20 1 Panel discussion: The national significance of exercising
    • Jarkko Saarimäki/Traficom, Tuomo Haukkovaara/IBM Suomi/Digipool, Janne Känkänen/National Emergency Supply Agency, Veli-Pekka Kivimäki/Finnish Security and Intelligence Service
  • 13:10 2 Panel discussion: Benefits to business life from cooperation between officials
    • Tomi Kinnari/NCSC-fi, Aku Limnéll/The National Bureau of Investigation, Heljä-Tuulia Pihamaa/Office of the ombudsman, Heli Tammivuori/National Emergency Supply Agency and Kalle Varjola/NCSC-fi
  • 14:20 3 Panel discussion: Legacy of TIETO22-exercise
    • Incurances: Lassi Antila/Ilmarinen, Finance: Vesa Tupala/Mandatum, Media: Mikko Silvennoinen/STT, Private security: Jari Mattila/Seclion, Wholesale, communications: Sanni Jokinen/Pirkka Media (Kesko)
  • 15:10 Findings from the homework, Antti Nyqvist/Digipool
  • 15:30 TIETO24-exercise phases, comms and security briefing, Antti Nyqvist/Digipooli

The event was hosted by the well known journalist Jussi-Pekka Rantanen.

Panelistit paneelikeskustelussa 2
Discussion about Benefits to business life from cooperation between officials

The phase 1 of the exercise contained also homework for the participants. The Homework ancouraged participants to identify and document the connections that are vital in surviving widely effecting incidents and can help in recovering from them. The homework also provided information on the challenges of the cooperation. 

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