Digipool - what is it about?

Digipool strengthens the cyber resilience of critical sectors and companies.

Our goal is to have fewer disruptions that weaken the stability of society and that the continuity of business operations in disruptions is better.

Digipool develops the continuity and risk management and preparedness of the ICT sector and its critical supply chain companies. The goal is to coach companies to perform better in these topics.

Digipool is a trust based cooperation network between companies and authorities, which promotes the digital security of society. We strengthen the ability of companies to anticipate and recover from disruptions, as a resilient digital society is built together. We help companies succeed responsibly and safely.


Digipool operations and goals can be described systematically as follows:

To have good cyber resilience in critical sectors and companies, it requires that continuity management and preparedness planning are done.

It must be done as a continuous activity, where preparedness is practiced and a security situation picture is formed. For companies to have a good security situation picture, it requires that companies’ security competence is good.

To achieve these measures in companies, we aim to ensure that security is every companies’ strategy. Digipool aims to support companies in these topics and to reach a strategic level of influence, Digipool must be a well-known and influential actor.

Cyber resilience requires that companies and officials make cooperation in a network and interdependencies are taken into account in all activities.


Groups of Digipool

Our network includes dozens of companies and their representatives in the field. In addition, all the relevant authorities are involved in the cooperation. The pool’s office is situated in Technology Industries of Finland, where several people work with Digipool.

Digipool operates several Groups and Factions - groups represent permanent structures and factions temporary structures. The factions promote security of supply in their theme topics to achieve the defined objectives. The groups and sections operating in 2024 are as follows:

- Board of directors - Defines our strategy and sets the goals for coming years. The Group is led by business life representatives but includes relevant officials.

- Kyber-group - represents a view into cyberresilience development topics of the various industry sectors. Business life representatives from most of the sectors of National emergency supply organization (NESO).  

- ICT-group - representing the offering of ICT companies to the NESO and furthering ICT secctor companies preparedness. Active members of Digipool companies - significant ICT service providers. 

- Cloud Services faction - promotes the use of cloud services as a preparedness tool and the use of a decision-making process that enhances security of supply in companies. Members are NESO companies, public administration representatives who use cloud services, and service providing companies.

- Datacenter services faction -promoting the security of supply in datacenter services - NESO companies representatives - service users and providers. 

- DFIR services faction - promoting the usage and availability of such services thus furthering the security of supply in NESO companies. - NESO companies representatives - service users and providers.

Read more about NESO (National emergency supply organization) and Digipool from NESA (National emergency supply agency) webpages:

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